Introducing the SOCial Insider & SOC Social Team!

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SendOutCards charging full speed ahead in to the Social Media world and creating a big impact socially in the many ways you are doing business! With the introduction of Sendcere, Splash Paks, Card Sharing Kits and now Social Sendcere,  we have designed a quick tool for you to utilize as support while building your business on Social Media.

With the social trends ever-changing, it can be hard to stay up to date with the best strategies to market your business. Fortunately for you SendOutCards has Social Media Team that has been supporting you, answering your questions and keeping you informed in the Facebook Group. While their support has been valued and welcomed, we have decided to expand our reach and connection with you to better support your newly social businesses by introducing the SOCial Insider!

SOCial InsiderThe SOCial Insider is a weekly shared tip, trick or best practice for Social Media, straight from our SendOutCards Social Media Team. This team is compiled of 6 Social Media savvy employees that assist in our Customer Support and Marketing Teams. Each week a new SOCial Insider tip, trick or best practice will be shared to help support you in your social ventures. These are meant to inspire your, support you and to continue to educate you about the constantly changing world that is Social Media.

We would like to introduce you to our Social Media Team who is the backbone of The SOCial Insider. These individuals are proud to represent SendOutCards and are thrilled to support you by offering up their best information regarding Social Media each and every week! Now that we have Social Sendcere, this is a great opportunity for you to really harness the power of social media and optimize your reach!

SOC Social Media Team

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Brandon Comstock,  Walter McFashion, Jon Rowan, Tina Painter, Josh Curtice, Jen Ollerton

And now, the first edition of the SOCial Insider!

Click here for your first Social Media Tip!

  2 comments for “Introducing the SOCial Insider & SOC Social Team!

  1. October 25, 2014 at 2:55 pm

    this is soooooooooooooo exciting to have our own SOCIAL MEDIA TEAM AT SOC’S!!!! YAY! WELCOME EVERYONE and THANKS!!!! 🙂

  2. October 28, 2014 at 4:44 am

    Being old school and way behind with social media I am very grateful and excited that SOC have put together a fantastic team of experts to help us. Thank you Kody & SOCial Insider team. Way to Go!!!

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