How To Display Your Holiday Cards


Now that holiday cards are in the mail and on the way to your house, how do you display all of the beautiful creations? We want to show you one way you can create a perfect backdrop to highlight the cards you will receive during this holiday season. Follow these simple steps and you will end up with a wonderful tree to show off all the holiday cards from your amazing friends and family!

Step 1: Start With The Tree

Purchase chicken wire at your local hardware store to the size of tree you want to create. The dimensions of the tree shown below are 32 in. x 20 in. Then, using strong tape (we recommend masking or duct), outline a tree in your chicken wire to your desired size.


Step 2: Cut Out Your Tree

This step can be a bit tricky! Make sure to use wire cutters, gloves and grab an extra pair of hands to hold down the chicken wire – which will help you out when the chicken wire rolls.

Step 3: Use Ribbon To Create The Outline Of Your Tree

You can use any ribbon of your choice. The best ribbon we found to use for this step was a 3 in., wire edged ribbon. Begin and end at the base of the tree, leaving the trunk ribbon free.

untitled-designFold the ribbon at the end and insert into the corner. Pull the ribbon through but leave yourself about 12 in. which you will use for a bow.


Continue threading the ribbon every 5-7 squares until you have completed the entire outline.

Finish the bottom with a pretty bow using the left over ribbon at the end of the outline and the 12 in. you saved at the beginning.


Step 4: Create The Tree Trunk

Here we used 1/4 in. green ribbon to decorate the trunk of the tree. Cut your chosen  ribbon into 12 in. strands, then thread on  through.

Loop the small ribbons through about every-other square, leaving the excess hanging down for a dramatic effect.

Step 5: Trim The Tree

Use a wooden star to adorn the top of the tree and clothespins to use your cards as tree ornaments.

And…voila! There you have it!


*To display our tree, we used a wooden palette adorned with burlap ribbon to decorate the edges. You can display your tree on a wall, door, or any other flat surface with a simple nail or hook. 

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