Full Recap Of The Houston Promptings Academy!

palogo28129copyWow, Friday’s event line up was a whirlwind of excitement with a very special Executive and above meeting followed by a mini Boot Camp event. SendOutCards’ President of Field Operations Steve Schulz took charge and kicked off the weekend by introducing Dave and Lori Smith to the stage. Y’all ready for this?

DSC_4437“It’s all about timing!”, the Promptings Academy Habit #2 is all about being a Level 4 Smart Phone User and no one know’s about going “mobile” more than Dave and Lori Smith. As they walked through the process of simply adding contacts to your phone and sending out cards they reminded the audience that timing is everything.

“Never miss an opportunity to send a card to a contact, whether they are interested in taking a look at the opportunity or not. At one point or another they will be reminded of you, what you do and what you stand for.” 

Dave and Lori stressed the importance of sending out to give, sending a card a day and gift each week and even challenged the audience to pull out their phones, act on a prompting and send card to the person on their right.

DSC_4451As Steve returned to stage he stressed the importance of having a contact list and consciously taking inventory of everyone you know; for this is the easiest part of building your SendOutCards business. Creating pre-qualifications for your contact list is crucial to knowing who to contact and when. If someone meets the following criteria you put a check mark by their name: You have mutual respect for one another, they are looking for something or they are financially prepared to start today.

‘The hardest part is getting people to look, once they look, the hard part is over.”

DSC_4460Jordan Adler hit the stage in a way only Jordan can and introduced Habit #3: Be at level 4 with the APA. The acronym APA stands for Ask, Present and Ask. There is one question that is product related as well as a question that is opportunity related and it is up to you to select which approach to take. When you ask, you are simply sorting your prospect into the right bucket. You can ask these questions via text or in person but you want to make sure you have good report if presenting in person. As Jordan conducted his famous texting exercise with the audience he stressed the importance of controlling the process and to go where the people are!

DSC_4475The audience was on fire and the room was full of energy as Jordan exited and Casey Eberhart took the stage to present the MPP–Mobile Pocket Presentation.  As Casey discussed the MPP he reviewed the 4 different types of people and advised the audience on how to determine whether someone is a 1, 2, 3 or 4. Knowing your prospect is crucial and understanding their position is key to creating a relationship.

“Look at your leaders, look at our top income earners… It’s not what they do, day in and day out, it’s all about what got them started years ago.”

Steve Schulz returned to stage, reviewed the 5 Promptings Academy habits, stressed the importance of becoming a master duplicator and understanding that events drive business.

DSC_4387And that, in a tiny nutshell, was one incredible Boot Camp filled with principles, strategies, exercises, stories and a boat load of inspiration.

Want more? Stay tuned for a full recap of the first session and official debut of the SendOutCards Promptings Academy event!

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