Fall into Gratitude with New Gifts from the Thanksgiving Collection!

Thanksgiving Crate

At SendOutCards, we want to make sure that we carefully design and select gifts that we know will bring joy to everyone from all walks of your life. That’s why we’re thrilled about our new Thanksgiving Collection.

Without a doubt, autumn is the most radiant seasons of the year. This is especially true in Salt Lake City, home of our corporate office. Every year, we watch the emerald leaves slowly transition to vibrant yellows and oranges, illuminating the streets and neighborhoods everywhere. The transition transforms our resplendent rocky mountains into a sight made to take breaths away.

This scenery that surrounds us reminds of how grateful we for our lives and those in it. It’s a time to give thanks and to celebrate those who make our world so wonderful. We’re so inspired and our new Thanksgiving Collection really shows it.  See more below!

Thanksgiving Party Pack

Thanksgiving Printables Horizontal

Turkey is in the oven and the pies are ready to eat. The space is all dressed from ceiling to floor, so let’s all settle in for our Thanksgiving feast! Create the perfect party with the Give Thanks Party Pack. Create new family traditions and enhance old ones too.

Autumn Harvest Apple Cider Mix

Apple Cider

Nothing says “fall is in the air” better than a hot cup of Autumn Harvest Spiced Apple Cider! You’ve never had one? Well, that needs to change! Our apple cider mix is not only delicious; it’s simple, even for the novice. It can be made in seconds by adding hot water. Welcome in the most festive time of year when you toast with a hot cup of fantastic cider.

Thanksgiving 101 Cookbook

Thanksgiving Cookbook

Thanksgiving dinner can be the best meal of the year! However, it can also be the most stressful meal of the year, if you’re the one in the kitchen! With so many courses and side dishes to make, preparing that big bird alone can be a daunting task. This classic book by cooking instructor Rick Rodgers is a reassuring guide that takes you through recipes and suggestions for the classic dishes, along with some contemporary twists too.

White Pumpkin & Gourd Candle

Thanksgiving Candle

Ever wish you could capture the scent of autumn? Now you can. Autumn is truly a season of scent with its holiday spices, warm pumpkin pies, mulled cider and crackling fires. The White Pumpkin and Gourds Candle is a resplendent harmony of rich fragrance notes. Combined with lush pumpkin, juicy orange, cinnamon, ginger and patchouli, just to name a few!

Autumn Harvest Pumpkin Bread Mix

Pumpkin Bread

Remember grandma’s pumpkin bread and how it made the whole house smell so wonderful? Now you can bake up your own incredible pumpkin bread memories with this yummy Autumn Harvest Pumpkin Bread Mix. Just add ¼ cup shortening, 2 eggs and one cup of canned pumpkin to the mix. Next, quicker than you can recite “Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater” and before you know it, you’ve got one large or three small loaves of pure harvest heaven. Send this great mix to all your friends and neighbors. We’re sure they’ll share once they’ve baked up a batch!

Give Thanks Premium Collection

Thanksgiving Crate Horizontal

The crisp autumn air and the ever-changing leaves let us know it’s time to Give Thanks and celebrate with those we love and hold dear. Surrounded by nostalgic memories, we come together in gratitude. The contents of the Give Thanks Premium Collection will help you celebrate this wonderful time, revisit old traditions and create new memories for years to come.


Whether that’s sending them a card, a gift or simply just calling, it’s important that you reach out share your gratitude this time of year. View these gifts and more in the SendOutCards Gift Shop.

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