It’s time to make business personal again!

We’ve proven that companies that play an active role in communicating with customers to keep them engaged and meet their needs, are well on their way to achieving the prime objective of any customer retention program; customer loyalty!

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 10.18.02 AMSo how can you do all of this and more? Utilize the SendOutCards Business Bundle, which has been professionally crafted and tailored to enhance businesses just like you with specific retention-minded tools.

Never miss an opportunity to show appreciation for those who keep you in business.

See the NEW informative flyer and card created to ease your business building efforts. This flyer and card will help you educate business owners on the power of SendOutCards and the endless possibilities the Business Bundle offers.

A simple, easy to use and even easier to leave behind Business Bundle flyer! Simply download this informative flyer and keep on hand so you are prepared at a moments notice to present the SendOutCards opportunity with the Business Bundle.

As you know, the Business Bundle is the most diverse and enhanced product bundle SendOutCards offers; making it perfect for any business looking to retain customers, build clientele and obtain more referrals.

With so many features and additives to this bundle, don’t worry about memorizing each benefit… let the flyer do the talking for you! Now you have the chance to deliver a full presentation to any business owner anytime, anywhere!

Have a business prospect in mind or looking to show the power of the Business Bundle while showcasing the SendOutCards product? Now you can… all in one informative 3-panel card. Our Business Bundle flyer has been crafted into a clean, concise card you can send right out of Sendcere! These are great to send yourself as well to have on hand, pass out or leave behind when you meet a new prospect.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 10.18.02 AM

Visit Sendcere or our Downloads section today and print a copy of your own!

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