Element Category Changes

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 3.42.06 PMIf you hadn’t noticed already, we began introducing New Card Categories for the Elements section this morning. We know some of you have been asking us to alphabetize these categories for years. Accordingly, we’d like to say a sincere and heartfelt thank you to everyone for your patience with us as we’ve worked on this enormous project! We did a total overhaul on the categories and the way the Elements in each category are organized. Read more below!

If you want to see an example of the changes, check out the ‘Letters & Numbers’ category. And if for some reason you aren’t able to locate your favorite set of artwork, never fear — we’ve prepared a handy quick-reference guide which will help you find where elements are now located.

Quick Reference Guide

  • For ‘Christmas,’ where there were several collections named: ‘Season’s Greetings,’ ‘Tropical Christmas,’ and ‘Be Merry’ — all can now all be found under the new single category ‘Christmas/Season’s Greetings.’
  • Occasions: We just added over 600 brand-new, Wedding-inspired pieces to this collection.
  • All background artwork has been relocated into one single category – named ‘Backgrounds.’
  • The ‘Soda Shop’ collection has been moved to ‘Comic Book.’
  • ‘Mustaches’ can now be found in the Clipart section.
  • ‘Furry Friends’ has been renamed ‘Pets/Animals,’ however, all the elements are the same.
  • ‘Welcome Spring,’ ‘Country Picnic,’ ‘Summer Bugs,’ ‘Fall,’ ‘Fall Harvest,’ and ‘Autumn Afternoon’ have all been consolidated into the ‘Seasonal’ category.
  • ‘Road Trip’ has been split between ‘Clipart’ and ‘Patriotic/Americana.’
  • ‘Baby Argyle,’ ‘Fancy Black and White,’ and ‘Vintage Love’ have been combined into the newly created ‘Formal/Executive’ collection.
  • ‘Girls Rock’ can now be found in our ‘Kids’ category.
  • ‘Greetings’ can now be found, along with other new quotes and sayings, in ‘Quotables.’

And please, if this guide didn’t quite cover your problem – don’t be shy. We love to hear from you! If you need any assistance locating Elements, you can call, email, or chat at our Support Team. Additionally, if you’d like to submit your feedback or share an idea about the Card Catalog/Elements/Templates section(s), you can reach us at cards@sendoutcards.com.


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