Differences between the 7/30/Q Club & Earning VIP Status

The exclusive 7/30/Q Club and prestigious VIP Status are both highly celebrated achievements. You can earn your place in each by completing everyday tasks, that also help you build your SendOutCards business. Learn more below!

Earning your spot in the 7/30/Q Club means joining a prestigious league of top SendOutCards distributors and leaders. Becoming part of this elite club will help grow your SendOutCards business and help steer the driving force that will take SendOutCards to a billion-dollar household name! Learn more below, about the great perks that are included in becoming a member of the 7/30/Q Club.

Joining the 7/30/Q Club

7/30/Q Club includes:

  • $50 bonus when you meet the customer requirement in your first 7 days
  • Earn your spot in the Certified Training program when you sponsor 3 Sr. Distributors in your first 30 days
  • Become Q Qualified in your first 30 days – You are a member of the
    7/30/Q Club!
  • By completing all the items above, you will also reach the rank of Manager
    *If you do not complete the above items in your first 30 days, don’t worry! You can still become a Manager as soon as you complete the 7/30/Q items.
  • VIP seating at the 2013 Gratitude Convention directly behind the Eagles
  • 7/30/Q Recognition & Lapel Pin
  • 20 bonus points for the Eagle’s Challenge
  • Phone call from founder and CEO Kody Bateman*
    *Calls will only be made to those who completed the 7/30/Q in their FIRST 30 days of becoming a Marketing Distributor.

Earning VIP Status

VIP Status is earned by our top 50 point-earners from our Eagle’s Challenge. As a way to extend our appreciation and to highlight their hard work, we honor these top distributors by giving them VIP Status and recognizing them for a 4-month period following their achievement. Check out the great perks that come with earning VIP Status below!

VIP Status includes:

  • VIP seating at SOC events for you and one guest (includes: the SCT Schools & Treat’em Right Seminars)
  • VIP seating at the 2013 Gratitude Convention in front of the Eagles
  • VIP Luncheon during the TER with one guest
  • VIP access for you and one guest (includes early access lines for pictures and check-in at the TER)
  • VIP lanyard & pin
  • 2 tickets to the VIP event to be used at the 2013 SendOutCards Gratitude Annual Convention
  • $500 cash prize (A TER must be attended in order to receive the cash prize)

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