Custom Branding Package 5 Touch Campaign!


94266229_When it comes down to building relationships and reaching out to customers, clients or prospects 80 percent of your touches should be about relationships and 20 percent of your touches should be about marketing and promotion.

Utilizing a card campaign to connect, promote and build relationships has been proven to be the most rewarding process. The result of that effort is dramatically enhanced client/customer relationships and a highly effective marketing effort that spells profits for business.

With SendOutCards’ latest offering, The Custom Branding Package, you can now optimize your relationship building and promotional real estate on the back of your greeting cards. The Custom Branding Package offers full control for any business and or person to represent their brand in a unique and custom manner.

To share this wonderful and exciting news we have put together a simple 5 touch campaign promoting the Custom Branding Package for you to utilize with your customers, clients and prospects. This campaign will help you build report, educate on the offering and strengthening the MRM principles of relationship building. These cards can be located in Sendcere and each card below, when clicked upon, will take you directly to that campaign card where you can send them in campaign order.

Campaign Card #1

Card 1-17

Campaign Card #2Card 2

Campaign Card #3 (You have 4 selections to choose from)

Card 3

Campaign Card #5

Card 4

Campaign Card #5

Card 5

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