CEO Corner – Advancing with Technology

We are at a pivotal time as a company. With the direction the web and technology industries are going, we are in a position to become better poised to be the premier vehicle for appreciation because the need for kindness in the world remains the same.

A lot of the technology we are used to seeing all over the Internet is becoming obsolete. As the tech world advances and evolves, we are well equipped to evolve with it and innovate along side it. For example, here is a spontaneous video we filmed during our recent Marketing meeting, where we discuss where some of our efforts are being focused. You can find this video on Facebook in our Official SendOutCards Group.

Many of you may have heard that as of the fourth quarter, flash capabilities will no longer be supported by Internet browsers. This affects many of the web-supported tools you use on a daily basis – including our own. As the tech world grows out of flash it paves the way for new opportunity and opens the door for a more humanistic approach to the tech side of our business. SendOutCards is ahead of the curve when it comes to bringing human connection to a world that runs primarily on technology. We have never lost sight of the fact that we are here on this earth to celebrate each other and connect through kindness. The art of the tangible touch-point is what this business was built upon.

Other industries are beginning to catch up and realize that technology must be paired with a physical product for consumer engagement to happen. For example, magazine publications have tried to go completely Digital only to realize that they get lost in the mass media content available now. So, publications are going back to the print world. This is one example, among many.

The beauty of this is that we have always been in the print world. SendOutCards was built on the foundation of understanding the importance of communication through technology and actual product. Our products and services have always been built to facilitate that in the best most convenient way possible, by bridging the tech and tangible world and uniting it as one service.

As we grow and evolve along with new technology we are consistently updating our products and offerings. There is a significant reason for that. Our efforts at SendOutCards have shifted and dedicated fully to innovation and execution of our strategic plan. So while you may not be seeing new elements being added to the Card Catalog or wondering why Sendcere is no longer going to be available, we ask for your understanding. We are diligently working to ensure the items actively being developed support new technology and create a more effective way we share SendOutCards with the world.

We relate this process to pruning a tree. For a tree to grow, it needs to get ample nutrients from its core to its branches. To make this happen, you have to prune a tree so that the nutrients go to the strongest branches instead of ones that are taking away from the beauty and function of the tree. When you prune a tree you are allowing it to grow larger and wider while creating a more healthy and thriving tree in the long run. That is what we are doing here. Over the course of the next few months we will be pruning the tree of SendOutCards to allow for all the nutrients to go towards growth and longevity. When you see something change, remind yourself and your teams that the process of pruning is allowing a more full, lush tree far bigger and better then you could ever dream to grow.

And trust me when I say you will want to be part of what this tree grows into.


See you at the top,

Kody B


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