Card Creation Do’s & Don’ts

It’s the peak of the holiday season and the perfect time to send out your holiday cards! We want to make sure you create the perfect card to send out during this busy time, so here are our helpful Do’s & Don’ts when it comes to creating your perfect photo card.

Make sure you span your photo across the entire card.
(Yes, past the green lines!)

  • DON’T – crop your photo within the green grid lines. You want to make sure there is no empty space showing on your card. (Image 1)
  • DO – use the span button to cover the card. You want your photo card to look just like the second image, before you add any text.

Make sure your text stays within the green lines. Anything within the green lines are the parts of your card that are the focus.

  • DON’T – let your text fall out of the green lines. As you can see above, the text falls out of the green lines. (Image 1)
  • DO – You want your card to look like the second image before you go to print. Everything is in the correct position.

We hope you find these Do’s and Don’ts helpful as you create your holiday campaign.

Happy Sending!


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