Card Creating Recommendations

Now that we are all getting acquainted with the new system, we have some card creating tips! Our new system has all the bells and whistles you need, but we know there are some mega users who create very intricate, custom cards. For those of you that fit into this category, our Design Team recommends 3 image creating/editing apps that you can use to upload images to use on your SendOutCards items! Each of these are apps available for your phone. Take a look at our top recommendations. 


Canva – Free (Some in-app purchases)
You can use this app to create photo collages, invites, & holiday cards using images from your phone or any of their elements, stickers, borders, frames, and templates. Use your own photos or choose from their library of stock photos. While some elements on Canva are for purchase only, there are plenty of awesome free elements that will make beautiful cards!
Designer tip: You can also use Canva to create a logo for the custom back feature of our prompt editor!
Directions: Login to Canva account and choose to Create a Card Template. Once finished creating your image, use the Download button in the top banner to download a jpg or png file. Next, share that image to your SendOutCards account and you are ready to go!

PhotoFunia – Free
Create fun, dynamic photos using their template & your own photos. Personalize billboards & magazine photos with your own words and pictures! If you’ve been envious of the awesome custom photo’s that Jordan Adler has been sending on the front of his cards, this is the awesome app he’s been using.
Designer Tip: The billboard category has awesome templates that would be perfect for congratulations or announcement cards!
Directions: Watch the video below for directions. Login to your PhotoFunia account and create your image. Once you have your image complete, you can save it directly to your phone and open your SendOutCards app to create the card from there.

A Design Kit – Free (Some in-app purchases)
A simpler, more modern way to design images on your phone. Use realistic brushes or classic type tools over photos & pre-designed backgrounds. You can customize all elements with realistic textures (hello, gold & marble options!) or hip gradients.
Designer Tip: This is a sister app to A Color Story, which has tons of awesome photo filters to really enhance your photos.
Directions: Choose a photo or background. Next, make all of the necessary changes to your image. Once complete, you will click Review in the top right corner and from there, you will be prompted to share your photo. You can upload it directly to your photos to be used directly in the SendOutCards app.

Happy Sending!



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