SendOutCards Founder and CEO Kody Bateman revealed BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS at the Boot Camp Event on Wednesday, and now they are LIVE! Kody stated, “We are creating a culture of positivity and support” and all of the new announcements and tools reflect this message. It’s bringing together both aspects of the two-fold mission, strengthening its power and the power we have to touch and change lives.

We’ve provided the details of each announcement below, but make sure to check out this all-encompassing flyer that highlights each item.

Updated Marketing Distributor Package

Below are the newest contents a new MD will receive with their package. See some items you don’t recognize? We’ve got the details on what they are below.

New Customer Packages

We have created new Silver and Gold Customer Relationship Packages, and another is on the way soon! Customer packages are a one-time purchase, and these customers can also buy their points at wholesale price if they have a $31(100 point) subscription.

SOC Memory Vault

All new accounts from today onward will have basic storage, which is enough for 250 saved cards, 500 photos, 50 campaigns and 1500 contacts. All new accounts from today onward will have basic storage, which is enough for 250 saved cards, 500 photos, 50 campaigns and 1500 contacts. Two new offerings are the SOC Memory Vault for $99 and the SOC Memory Vault Unlimited for $199. Any customer or distributor can purchase either of these add-ons. (Existing customers and distributors are grandfathered in with unlimited storage.)

Master Relationship Marketing Training Portal

The powerful Master Relationship Marketing seminars have gone digital! This new training portal presents educational videos that teach you how to bridge the gap between high tech and personal touch, as well as how to define your brand. Kody Bateman will personally instruct you through each session, gaining valuable insight as you begin to put your new marketing efforts in to action. You’ll become a pro at communicating with your customers, prospects and ultimately strengthen your business building efforts.

Visit our webpage to learn more, and utilize this informative flyer to spread the word to your prospects and existing distributor and customer base to help them enhance their business efforts from this robust training.

Fonts & Signatures

A handwriting font creation with four signatures costs $49, and now has payout for the sponsor and coded upline. What’s even better is that in lieu of the font creation, up to 10 signatures may be submitted instead. The new form is available in theDownloads section.




New Q Qualifications
Q Qualification will vary depending on your rank. Effective January 1, 2016, all distributors must meet the below Q Qualification to earn their Coded Leadership Bonuses, however, Sponsor Bonuses no longer require Q Qualification to be earned.

While the new Q Qualification for bonus earning and rank advancing go into effect next year, they must be met starting next month to get a share of the Monthly Manager Bonus Pool. While share qualifications for the pool are very similar to before, there are a few modifications. This worksheet will show you what you need to do each month to put that extra money in your pocket!

We’ve got a new business tool that will help you go out and build your business at an accelerated rate. The new Boot Camp Kit includes everything you need to host Opportunity Meetings and Fast Start Trainings, and it’s loaded with over $350 worth of products! This is available to buy now from the SendOutCards Gift Shop.

Before directing questions to our Support Team, make sure to review the webpages, documents and videos posted above. You can also review our FAQ and Compensation Plan Details, which cover the latest information from these announcements.

Utilize this time to register your spot for the Convention Recap Webinar, taking place Monday at 6:00 p.m. (MT) in place of the Leadership Call. Have a wonderful weekend, and we’ll talk to you Monday!

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