Beautiful Holiday Wreaths & Arrangements, Available Now!


It’s all in the details when it comes to creating a memorable holiday. Whether it’s an inside joke written in a card, the sweet smell of treats baking in the oven, or the soft touch of nostalgic holiday decor, it’s all the small things that make this magical time of the year that much more exquisite.

Our new Holiday Wreaths & Arrangements are the best way to share the enchanting scents of the season with your friends and family. Whether you’re surprising them by sending the Peppery Berry WreathPomegranate Pine WreathWinter Berry Centerpiece or a Holiday Kissing Cone as a gift or adding it as decor to your home, the fragrant scents of these holiday wreaths & arrangements are guaranteed to immediately illuminate love and holiday cheer. Read more about the them below!

What are wreaths?

Wreaths are an assortment of flowers, leaves, fruits, twigs and other various materials that are crafted to resemble a ring.  They are usually made from evergreens, which symbolize strength, growth and everlasting life. It’s circular shape represents eternity, with no beginning or end and celebrating the circle of life. In many English-speaking countries, wreaths are typically used as a household ornament or decoration. With the influx and commercialization of the holidays, it’s easy to lose sight of its true meaning. Holiday wreaths are simple, yet beautiful reminders to help us all reflect on the true meaning of this special season — life, love and each other.

Pepper Berry Wreath

Pepper Berry Wreath with Ribbon

This classically festive wreath, adorned with red pepper berries, creates the perfect holiday touch. With all of your friends and family coming to visit this holiday season, greet them with this picture-perfect arrangement at the door! [View in the Gift Shop]


Pomegranate Pine Wreath

Pomegranate Pine Wreath with Ribbon

Our festive pomegranate pine wreath is a sight to see! With a pomegranate garnish, nestled pinecones, and the scent of eucalyptus in the air, this arrangement will bring holiday joy to your home. [View in the Gift Shop]


 The Perfect Center Piece

Centerpieces are an essential display to complete your table setting. Whether you’re hosting a holiday party or just celebrating with a few close friends and family, this perfect centerpiece will help tie all your decorations together. Centerpieces are utilized to draw everyone into a centralized place. Bring everyone closer together with sweet scents of a beautiful centerpiece.

Winter Berry Centerpiece

Winter Berry Centerpiece

This joyful centerpiece, adorning your table, will be the perfect addition to your home during this winter season. With the delightful scents of pine, eucalyptus, and an assortment of berries, your home will be filled with aromas throughout all of your celebrations this season.  [View in the Gift Shop]


Kissing under the mistletoe

Have you ever wondered where kissing under mistletoe came from? This long-lived tradition has been heard in storybooks, romantic comedies and holiday songs. But where does the ritual come from and why is it so special?

The traditional Christmas custom of the mistletoe is believed that man and a woman who meet under a hanging of mistletoe, are obliged to kiss. Researchers believe that the ritual originated in pre-Christian Europe, where it was believed that mistletoe had the ability to assist with fertility. Additionally, mistletoe was also being used as an antidote to ward off poison and witchcraft — this is likely where the custom of hanging mistletoe over a doorway originated.

Did you know… While mistletoes are beautiful, they are not eaten! The berries, while not deadly, can be hazardous. Luckily, our Holiday Kissing Cone comes with fresh fragrant florals and faux mistletoes to make sure family and pets stay safe!

Holiday Kissing Cone

Holiday Kissing Cone

Whether you share your first kiss or one-hundredth kiss under the holiday kissing cone, this gift is sure to create merry memories during the holidays. Even with all the holiday parties, family gatherings, and the bustle of shopping, there is always time to share a special moment with a loved one under the kissing cone. [View in the Gift Shop]


Add a magical touch to someone’s holiday today and visit the Gift Shop now to send each of these beautiful holiday wreaths & arrangements today!

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