April 30th (24-Hour) DOGO Results Are In!

The results are now in for our second 24-Hour DOGO Promotion (DOGO#3)! Thank you everyone who took the time to participate! We are just a few short weeks away from the Annual Gratitude Convention and can’t wait to see everyone there. View the full results below!

If your name is listed below, your special promotion code will be sent to the email address you specified in your DOGO Form within 2-3 business days.

Alma Gallardo
Alva Nelms
Andrea Page
Anson Cosio
April Beck
Benjamin Stone
BJ Largent
Carolyn Chase
Carolyn Gialamas
Casey Eberhart
Charles Haas
Chris DeGrant
Cindy Fields
Craig Swoverland
Cyndy Justice
Cynthia Martin
Cynthia Powell
Danielle Hawthorne
Dave Wyman
Donna and Frank Mous
Dora Marshall
Ed and Nancy Euken
Geri Whaley
Heather Dolan
Holly Price
Jackie Ulmer
Jacklyn Hagler
James Griffin
Jana Halverson
Jared Shinkaruk
Jenny Reick
Jill Katzenberg
John Green
Jose & Kim Suaste
Joy Klohonatz
Judith Lievesley
Judy O’Higgins
Julie Hansberry
Keila Navarro
Laurie Hayes
Lawrence Sudweeks
Lianne Sands
Lory Fabian
Lynda Brown
Lynn Slusher
Marla and Andy Turner
Martina Zamecnik
Mary Predmore
Mary Swarts
Maureen Hannon Schlegel
Michael McGrath
Michele Reynolds
Micheline Paquette
Micky Shearon
Nathan Mathers
Neysa Chaparro
Olguita Torrens
Paul Hodgdon
Paul Smith
Peggy & Gene Steele
Randy Cooney
Rena Zerbini
Rick Tompkins
Ruth York
Stephanie Newell
Stephanie Thayer
Susan Corbett
Tim Burke
Tom LaGalbo
Tricia Banks
Yanabah Bluehouse


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