A Special Custom Branding Feature On Dot Richards!


Our Custom Branding Package has only been on the market for just a few months and it hasn’t just made a splash it has created a WAVE of excitement! Upon announcing the new ability to brand the back of your cards we introduced a 72 hour special; purchase the Custom Branding Package and be entered to win a free custom designed logo and brand to utilize with your cards.

There was an outpouring of excitement as the package went live and with the added incentive, it was a mad dash to be entered to win our most custom prize ever!

Selected at random, a total of five winners were chosen to engage in the opportunity to work one-on-one with our own Creative Director, Ryan Tranmer, to discover and create their very own personal and professional brand.

1480728_10202697200095756_44268084_nSendOutCards distributor, Doris Richards, was one of the five to receive this special custom branding opportunity. After being personally contacted by the SendOutCards Marketing Team, Doris was introduced to Ryan Tranmer, SendOutCards’ Creative Director. Ryan worked closely with Doris through one-on-one conversation and even conducted a brainstorm with Doris along with the Creative Team to encapsulate the vision for her new brand.

You see Doris, or better known as Dot, wasn’t quite sure where to start in order to discover her brand but it became very clear through brainstorming that Dot had been representing herself as, Cards by Dot, all these years without even knowing she had her own brand.

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 11.28.57 AMThrough several weeks of collaborating with Dot and the creative team, Ryan was able to capture Dot’s vision, personality and message to deliver the most beautiful brand that glowed with the essence of Cards by Dot.

What a wonderful opportunity it was for Ryan and the SendOutCards Creative Team to work so closely with all of these winners to create their brands and to strengthen the company’s connectivity with the field.

Just like Kody always says, “People don’t buy what you are selling, they ultimately buy you!”

Understand who you are, discover your purpose, be your brand, be genuine and never look back. Make your presence known and become a recognizable brand to all of your clients, customers, family and friends. This is your last chance to receive a FREE custom handwriting font and 4 signatures when you purchase the Custom Branding Package, but hurry as this offer expires August 31st!

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  1. August 21, 2015 at 11:39 am

    this is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! congrats to all the winners!!!!!!! I love the custom back branding package and I”m  really promoting it too!! 🙂 It is wonderful to use the back of the card as photo and logo real estate too!!!!!!!!! 😉

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