A Social Media Revolution


I thought you all might be interested in some remarkable activity that has happened since our Webinar Launch of Sendcere.

Within 12 hours after the July 28th webinar, we added 464 new users to Sendcere and 1,520 new cards. In just 12 hours!

We have a total of 23,883 cards on the site and are growing the quantity and quality of cards at a record pace. Many of you are sharing your cards on various social media platforms and the momentum is growing rapidly. Just for fun, go to Pinterest.com and type “sendcere” in the search bar. You will see all the cards that have been shared on Pinterest since last night. This will blow you away.


We have plans to provide you with additional tools that will help you  further share greeting cards with all your social media friends. The open sharing of greeting card ideas is incredible but the magic is still in the sending of a real greeting card. Rest assured the tools that are coming soon will help you to share the card sending experience more rapidly.

As Jordan Adler says, “Stay focused on the three aspects of our business.”

1) LEVERAGE THE HEART (SendOutCards): What you send out, comes back 100-fold! Our card sending system allows us to send out to give by expressing our thoughts and feelings in greeting cards and attach gifts if we choose to.

2) LEVERAGE TIME THROUGH PEOPLE (Network Marketing): This is the business model that can bring us extra income and even financial freedom as we assemble a team of people and help them to acquire customers.

3) LEVERAGE TECHNOLOGY (Social Media): Sendcere is simply a portal. It’s a virtual place for us to go and meet in cyberspace.  Sendcere is a place to go to view, collect, like, share and SEND the cards we create. It gives us the ability to leverage the power of our product with the help of our own unique social media platform.

sendcere_landing_social_cardWe can now reach hundreds of people at a time instead of just one person at a time. The more people we expose to our product, the more people we will all have as customers and business associates in our network marketing business.

encourage you to be cautious with the frequency and content of the posts you share. You can go to www.sendoutcards.com/sendcere. Under tools, click on “pre approved social media posts”. This is an excellent resource.


I also encourage you to get in the habit of sharing cards twice a week. I recommend Tuesday and Thursday as your posting days. Trust me, there is a big reason for that. It has to do with the amazing social media tools that will be offered to you in the near future.

Make no mistake.

You are in the right place at the right time.


Kody Bateman

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  1. August 1, 2014 at 8:13 am

    Enjoying all the buzz with Sendcere. Proud to be a Marketing Distributor with SendOutCards. Onward and Upward! #BDABB

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