A Full Recap Of The Phoenix Promptings Academy!

palogo28129copySince the inaugural Promptings Academy debuted in January, we have yet to come down from the high of what has become one of the most anticipated business events hosted by Kody Bateman. With the Houston event under our belts, we are off to sunny Phoenix, Arizona, where the temps are hot and so are the tickets to Promptings Academy!

Promptings Academy is all about fusing personal development; business building fundamentals and it has been a vision of Kody Bateman’s, Founder and CEO of SendOutCards, for quite some time. Personal development is a true passion of Kody’s and he is ecstatic to share his message with the Phoenix Promptings Academy attendees in the most unforgettable way possible… so let’s get to it!

1913973_955513084570210_8776499745448178813_nPhoenix… are you ready? The energy in the room was electric as the audience leapt to their feet as Kody Bateman took to the Promptings Academy stage. It’s time to get to work!

That statement alone set the tone for the entire day.

“Today is about the genius in you. Find the best version of you that you have in your soul, and give yourself away to the people around you. Give the best version of you away to the world and serve your fellow being.”

12814564_999475753456649_8321874745178310277_nKody shared his heart fully as he reminisced about a very significant time in his life. Kody had just graduated college and was getting ready to move his family to New York. As Kody was packing up to leave and say goodbye to his family he had an overwhelming prompting to give his brother Kris a hug and tell him goodbye. Kody ultimately ignored that promoting and simply waved as he drove away. A few months later Kody received a call from his mother telling him that his brother Kris had been killed in an accident and the first thing that went through his mind was the prompting he ignored.

Kody made a promise to his brother that he would never ignore another prompting again and that he would dedicate himself to teach others to act upon their promptings as well. From there, with that commitment, the dream was born and Kody knew he would live his life helping other act upon their promptings and send kindness throughout the world 

“There are two significant kinds of promptings. The goal today is to teach you the importance of promptings and how they will help you find your genius and provide you with the path to give yourself away. There is genius in you that only you have, there are things in life that only you can do; there are people in this world who need you, we need you!”

10565117_10154615512308572_4746816290121798728_nAs Kody guided the attendees through the curriculum he shares the 2 types of promptings; inner and outer.

The Inner prompting is who you are and the outer prompting is what you do with who you are. If you want to achieve the dreams you have, it is essential you create habits. By creating habits and acting on your promptings you are unknowingly are creating a rhythm of positive energy.

When you act on a prompting to reach out in kindness it ignites the inner prompting and genius in you. Every time you send a heartfelt card to someone it ignites your inner voice. You must start your day out by sending kindness to someone because it is crucial for you to be reminded everyday, to ignite the genius in you.

3509_955618867892965_5823519459572821696_nKody expressed, “When you were born into the world that genius within you was already intact.”

He reminded the attendees as we all grew and developed that inner voice was buried deeper and deeper with each passing year. Kody challenged a thought…

“How many no’s have you heard in your life that have kept you from your genius?”

This statement took the audience by surprised, a truly defining moment that seemed to defy time.

“We are going to bring the volume of your inner voice up. Inner prompting is who you are, Outer prompting is what you do with who you are.”

 As you know, the stories of your mind become the stories of your life and as Kody stated, “You put the thought in your mind, whether good or bad. You are responsible for the stories created in your mind. You want to make the story in your mind, the story of your life.”

“The stories of your mind becoming the stories of your life. Stories, whether negative or positive will manifest into your life.”- Kody Bateman 

10363510_955545287900323_6478115583483761031_nWho you are is what you manifest in life; this is the power of an “I Am” statement. Kody states, “When you create positive statements of who you are and who you want to be, they are received by your subconscious and then implemented.”

Kody then introduced one of the most key elements of promptings; The Manifestation Process- Everything begins with your thoughts and your thoughts are amplified by your Imagination. Kody urged the attendees to retrain their mindset and think about the abundant supply the world has to offer as you are one of the greatest creations. Your life is meant to be lived in abundance, your joy should be in abundance and the lives you impact should too, be in abundance.

“Make it happen today. Thoughts amplified by imagination become your beliefs developed by your habits. Your Habits become the story of your life.”

“Circumstances do not define you, YOU define you.” – Kody Bateman

12832448_955545281233657_8865226335441055613_nKody spoke about his wife Jodi, and when they started SendoutCards. They did not let their circumstances define them; they took control of their life and defined who they were by what they did. Kody expressed the importance of being able to clearly define yourself. When you are able to see yourself clearly, you are able to discover the best version of yourself and that, is the version of you that you want to give to the world.

“You must replace the subconscious, limiting statements in your mind with statements of abundance and positivity.” -Kody Bateman

You live your most dominant Statement.

You have to write down “I Am” statements, and then you have to amplify the through your imagination, turning it into your belief and then ultimately a habit. You have to put your I Am Statements on repeat in your mind everyday, over and over and over until they take over your limiting beliefs.

It’s time for a little audience participation!

As the audience took time to create and write down their “I Am” statements you could feel the power growing in the room. Many of which, stood bravely to share their statements. Through this powerful exercise, many statements were strengthened substantially by simply changing a single world. These statements resonate with your subconscious mind, creating and stronger bond. Nothing is more moving, than to be in a room full of love, strength and positivity!

After this portion of the exercise concluded, Kody continued on by working through he the next step where the “I AM” statement is drilled down into 3 statements that stand out most and resonate with each person. Several attendees shared the emotions they experienced while working through this process… It was an incredible sight to see each attendee discover the 3 statements that best represented who they truly are.

But wait, the exercise isn’t over! The next and final step was to take the 3 statements and get them down to ONE core statement. The core purpose statements that were shared were powerful, uplifting and inspiring. Kody encouraged the attendees to embrace the process and allow it to be an ongoing experience for each one of them. 

You don’t have a clue, who you are sitting next to.

Kody asked all of the attendees to turn to the person on their right. This processed caused everyone in the room to be looking at the back of someone else. He then instructed them to say, “You don’t have a clue, who you are sitting next to.” A lot of times when you find out who you are, people who are close to you or around you, might turn their back on you. You are the only one who really knows who you are. Dare to be who you are, be the best that you can be because that is what you were meant to do.

12814746_955614334560085_4330631020703799969_nAs you can see the morning session was all about finding out who you are and giving yourself away. Everything in the world comes down to one thing, one element of your life that comes when you give yourself away; relationships. SendOutCards is one of the best ways to send kindness to the world and use the genius in you by celebrating the genius in others.  

That which you appreciate appreciates.

With such a powerful opening to the morning, based upon promptings, appreciation and inspiration, it was the perfect segue into recognizing the SendOutCards Executives, Sr. Executives as well as the Eagles.

After taking a moment for lunch the afternoon session of the Promptings Academy is back in full force and these is where we hit the ground running!

1935004_955614337893418_8815638447264286647_nAs Kody took to the stage, he shared the story about Pat Chase, a woman who played the music at his local church. One day Kody decided to send Pat a card, thanking her for her effort and the time she takes to play the music each week as it brought an ambiance and feeling to each Sunday. He thoroughly thanked her and shared his appreciation… why? He had a prompting to do so. When Pat received the card, she cried and contacted Kody telling him that she had thought about quitting that day because she felt like she wasn’t making difference and Kody’s card changed her whole mentality.

As Kody shared his story he encouraged the audience the act on their own prompting and send a card to someone who may need to hear how much they are appreciated. Just then, Vanessa Hunter took the Promptings Academy stage.

1610020_955688424552676_4799080760457830565_nAs Vanessa discussed the importance of sending heartfelt cards, reaching out in kindness and acting on promptings she highlighted the fact that you can use your own handwriting font and signatures to keep your cards as personal as possible.

“Sending cards to customers and clients keeps you top of mind while making them feel special, important and of value. It also reinforces their decision to utilize your services.”

The power of the written word is substantial and you don’t know the impact you have on others lives. Vanessa shared a story about send a card to a friend of hers, Lance Maki. Lance had been going through a difficult time and Vanessa simply wanted him to know she was thinking of him. When Lance received his card he called Vanessa and expressed his sincere emotion, stating he cried and cried.

“We are all about 80% and 20% marketing here at SendOutCards. Our focus is on building relationships.”

1987_955688431219342_7518794018891468300_n-2Vanessa brought Jay McHugh, a successful realtor, to stage to highlight some of his own business building campaigns. He told a compelling story about sending cards to old neighbors on a regular basis, who, when they decided to list their house. See they decided to utilize his services because he had built a relationship with them, by going above and beyond with something so simple.

Let SendOutCards become a part of your heart.

10255901_955688427886009_8214421618755829115_nWe are on to habit #2 and non-other than Callie Teegardin graced us with her congenial presence!

“Take pictures everywhere you go. Take selfies with pictures, take pictures of people and send them in a card.”

As Callie discussed the importance of taking photos she gave some pointers on taking selfies. “Take them in portrait style so your eyes know where to look, hold your phone high, push your chin out and make sure the light is in front of you.”

Time for some audience participation! Callie prompted everyone in the audience and find one person to take a selfie with. She then had everyone raise their hand if they had the SendOutCards app on their phone and those who did assisted others with downloading the app onto their phone. Having the ability to act on a prompting on the go is incredible and it’s an opportunity we should all take!

12801666_955180071270178_694963386064031747_nSteve Schulz came to stage to enhance habit #2 by discussing how to become a level 4 and building a list on your phone. “You can have the greatest opportunity in the world, but if you do not have anyone to share it with, it doesn’t matter.”

Steve urged the attendees to find their top-tier prospects by checking off following three items: mutual respect, looking for a new opportunity and if they have the money to start. “You don’t want to miss a moment in this busy world.” There are endless possibilities to add contacts to your list and send cards right then and there.

11182077_955688481219337_4185065619846026453_nThe one and only Jordan Adler graced the stage, ready to teach Habit #3 and to reinforce the power of texting and the APA. Being able to adapt to your audience and ask significant questions will always be your ticket to success. Knowing whether someone is best suited for the business or for taking advantage of the product opportunity will help you sort your prospects. Jordan then conducted his famous texting exercise with a twist!

12821597_955688491219336_6124233540199427753_nThe dynamic duo, Dave and Lori Smith took to the stage to walk the attendees through the first 3 steps of the presentation process. As they opened their presentation they told their own story, their why. “We were in construction and we just felt so strongly it was time to do something else, something new and that is when Kody introduced us to SendOutCards… we started right away! There was no holding back.” Dave and Lori concluded their segment by showing how to conduct the mobile presentation and how to highlight the different packages available.

12809541_955688551219330_8513340539755693850_nWe all know APA stands for Ask. Present… and? Ask! Bart Miller is the man to finish out last acronym, the last “Ask”. Bart walked through the 4th step of the APA Presentation discussing the different types of people and how you can be prepared for each. No one knows people like Bart Miller and as he discussed and described all 4 types of people he gave thorough insight and tips on working with each type, especially the types of questions you need to be asking!

12805741_955688547885997_6127695654370277201_nThe next trainer to grace the stage is one you’ve seen before, we all have! Casey Eberhart is incredible active on social media as well as always in attendance at company events, industry events and yes, he even puts on his own events.

“If you want weekly events in your area, start them, don’t wait for someone else to start them. Don’t forget that 1 on 1’s are events too! You have weekly meetings which lead to larger super Saturday meetings, Road Tour events, Boot Camps for more structured training, then you’re headed to regional events such as “Promptings Academy’s” that take us all the way to the international convention.”

Casey stated, “The foundation of your business is sending cards. Events help you bond with the people in your area as well.” And It’s best to open your meetings to people outside of your team, we are one team and one dream!

With an afternoon full of field experts, undeniably powerful testimonials, structure, exercises and so much more it seems most appropriate to close out the event and the final Promptings Habit with Kody Bateman.

Read, write, hear, visualize, experience and teach.

10389338_10153326806231861_4508236901471887780_nEach one of the aspects of development is crucial ignored for you to find yourself and know your purpose. “I would not be where I am today without each one of these aspects.” -Kody Bateman

Kody concluded the Promptings Academy with one final story. “My father took me boating with a few kids from school. We were out on the lake and we were all water skiing, however, one of the kids who was physically challenged and tried and tried but could not get up on those skies.  

As the others taunted and teased him, the quarterback of the football team stood up and said, “I have had enough of this” and he jumped into the water. He put his feet into the skies and put the boy in front of him and told the boat driver to “Hit it!” In that moment, the boy was skiing. After that moment the boy decided he wanted to try one more time all by himself and just like that, he was able to ski all on his own.”

Read, write, hear, visualize, experience and teach.

Desire, Dream, Persevere!

“Never miss an opportunity to reach out in kindness and give yourself away.”-Kody Bateman

We are so incredibly grateful to all those of you who attended the Phoenix Promptings Academy and we look forward to many more to come! You and your energy have made this event a success!

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