A Full Recap Of The Phoenix Promptings Academy!

palogo28129copySince the inaugural Promptings Academy debuted in January, we have yet to come down from the high of what has become one of the most anticipated business events hosted by Kody Bateman. With the Houston event under our belts, we are off to sunny Phoenix, Arizona, where the temps are hot and so are the tickets to Promptings Academy!

Promptings Academy is all about fusing personal development; business building fundamentals and it has been a vision of Kody Bateman’s, Founder and CEO of SendOutCards, for quite some time. Personal development is a true passion of Kody’s and he is ecstatic to share his message with the Phoenix Promptings Academy attendees in the most unforgettable way possible… so let’s get to it! Continue reading

Get In On The P.A. Relay!

palogo28129copyJoin us in Houston & Participate in the P.A. Relay!

We are revving up for the inaugural Promptings Academy in Houston, TX in the New Year and we want you to experience it with us! Here’s what you want to do: First, get yourself registered to attend the Promptings Academy on January 23rd. Next, do what you do best ­– share! Share exactly why you are excited to attend this SendOutCards event with your social media world, and challenge them to be in attendance alongside you!
That’s right, this is a challenge! By joining the “P.A. Relay” you are committing to not only be a leader that talks the talk, but also walks the walk. Attend the P.A. event (Promptings Academy) with your team members to learn about the power of being your best self and offering your gifts to the world.

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