The Big Day is HERE!

The time has come, the moment you’ve all been waiting for; the most anticipated launch in SendOutCards history!

We are incredibly proud to introduce to you, the latest in SendOutCards’ tech development, a stellar Relationship Marketing product and a shiny new asset to add to your SendOutCards business tool belt, the Custom Brand Manager.

SendOutCards is all about customization. We have taken the ability to make your greeting cards unique to a whole new and very exciting level. We know there is no better way to make yourself known, stand out in a crowd and create your mark as a brand than with complete creative control over your marketing and relationship building tools known as greeting cards.

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Is this for business or personal use? 

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Hear It Straight From Kody!

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Yesterday, Kody teased us all on social media stating:

If you want to know the simplest, fastest, and most duplicatable way to build your SOC business… Watch for my video post on Friday. You will learn how to leverage what the marketplace wants from us and share with people what they need from us at the same time. This is the complete system, not just part of it.. This is what everyone should be doing. See Ya all tomorrow!

Well the time has finally come to hear it straight from Kody on how you can build your SOC business in the fastest, most simplest way possible! And guess what? We’ve got all his notes from the video right here Kody Video Notes! Enjoy!

Want To Build Your Business? You Must Do This One Thing…

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“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.”

Most people think once you’ve attended one business event, you’ve attended them all. That is certainly not the case. In a recent post made by Eagle Jordan Adler in the SendOutCards Facebook group, he stated,

Untitled design-90SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT . . .I’ve received no less than 20 inquiries as to whether I will be at the events in Salt Lake City and Pittsburgh. Here’s the deal. Barring an emergency, I don’t miss major events. I have not missed a company convention since 1992 (that means I have been to every company convention for over 22 years. It’s a priority!) I attended even when I had to have 5 roommates and rent a $50 per night hotel room. I have attended over 130 Treat’em Right Seminars and can count on one hand the ones I have missed. When I missed one it was because of an emergency or death in the family. So you don’t need to even ask. I will be there with lots of people with me. I hope to see you there too!!”

Wow, that’s quite the statement and from a true leader nonetheless. If you think attending a company event is not for you, or that you don’t have the time or means do so, then perhaps these benefits will open your ideas to the business building possibilities that can unfurl from hosting and attending an event. Continue reading

Kody’s Evolution Compilation Album Press Release


As many of you know, Kody Bateman was impacted by music at a young age when he had a memorable experience living in Baltimore. Being the minority in his neighborhood, he was accepted by a young man who introduced Kody to rap music. Intrigued and moved by the new music he was hearing Kody immediately took to learning all that he could. To this day, Kody tells the story that led him to writing and producing of his music. With motivating and inspiring lyrics, Kody’s music is meant to encourage personal development and to find the genius within you. With favorites such as Freedom and Making a Difference, it’s easy to see how bringing this music into Kody’s personal development events can inspire and touch the heart. It is more than just hearing the words, you can feel it in your soul.

You now have the opportunity to listen to the inspiring music written by Kody himself. This compilation of songs is played during Treat’em Right Seminars, annual conventions and other events, all of which enhance the experience of everyone around. Purchase this CD from the Gift Shop today, and be reminded of memorable moments from your favorite events. You can even find the music available on Spotify, iTunes, iheart Radio and many other sources. We are so proud of this momentous occasion and monumental point in Kody’s life we have taken the news to the press! To read the full artist Press Release click  “read more”.

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Kody Has A Challenge For You!

Kody's December ChallengeSendOutCards is all about the holiday season, which means it is the perfect time to build your SOC business. Utilize this time to take Kody’s challenge and fully commit to building and strengthening your SendOutCards business. We are so thrilled to be able to  offer such wonderful tools for you to utilize and expand your social reach plus build a solid foundation to your business. Kody is challenging you to create a list, work that list and add to that list, prospect, present and teach others to do the same and, most importantly, make your time commitment. Watch Kody’s special video message below and hear all about his December challenge.

Comment below and give Kody your personal commitment because he wants to hear from you! Those who comment and give us their personal weekly commitments will be entered in to a random drawing for an exceptional prize!

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