30 Night Card Challenge

Living day to day, we are constantly looking for things to
help us live a better life. We eat healthier, we meditate, we take vitamins,
sleeping tonics, – we are pretty much up for anything – right?! But how often
do we focus on how we are treating others and what type of impact that is
having in our lives? That is where the #30NightCardChallenge comes into play.

Many times when we feel down or simply feel like there is
something missing, we look toward outside influences. How can I get more
energy? How can I be happier? What can I do to sleep more soundly? Why can’t I
relax? On and on we go, on a merry go round of confusion trying to find the
magic concoction to fix our lives. We are so focused on ‘I’, ‘ME’, and ‘SELF’ –
what would happen if we instead focus on ‘WE’ or ‘US’?

It is easy to begin your day thinking positively but as your
day goes awry, that feeling of gratitude and love may lag a bit, struggling to
keep up with the business of the day. Which is why it is so important to return
to a place of optimism right before you go to sleep. Use a few minutes to
ponder: Who do you know that needs to hear how they’ve inspired you? Who have
you NEVER said thank you to? Who made you smile that day?

We would like to take this opportunity to challenge you to
do one thing, each night before bed. Instead of mindlessly scrolling through
social media or building your farm (yep, we are talking to you digital gamers),
take a few minutes to reach out through a tangible heartfelt message. To calm
your mind and center your soul, we challenge you to consider reaching out to
someone to lift them up.

There are a million reasons to make the day of someone else, when we CHOOSE to look. Switching your thoughts and feelings to gratitude, love, and appreciation right before bed allows you to end your day in a way that leaves you feeling prepared to face tomorrow in a positive way.

Join us in our #30NightCardChallenge and see the difference it makes in your life. The challenge is simple; each night, send a card of gratitude before you go to sleep.  You will feel like you have added value in the world, outside of your job or daily activities. Make a substantial impact on the world by sharing purposeful and rewarding messages each night, allowing the world to wake up to a better tomorrow.

Share Your #30NightCardChallenge Experiences with Us!

Each time you send a card as part of the #30NightCardChallenge, let us know how it made you feel! Use the #30NightChallenge and tell us what kind of an impact ending your day by sending cards has upon you. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see all the amazing stories shared!

To download a helpful calendar tracker to help you stay on target, visit our SendOutCards website or click here.

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