10 Ways To Be A Great Leader At Events


1) Organize team meetings, breakfasts, lunches or other gatherings for your team.

2) Tell people where you will be and encourage them to join you – it might be coffee in the morning or a couch in the lobby in the afternoon. Let them know where you are!

3) Take loads of pictures and videos to post online during the event and use in your follow-up cards later. Think of it as a photo-diary of the event!

4) Share the best nuggets of the day online, via twitter or your blog.

5) Participate in our Social Challenges and other activities throughout the event.

6) Be a connector of people – introduce your teammates to leaders and speakers.

7) Interview people with your phone. Ask questions of a speaker, leader, your upline or downline. You can use this now or later in your event follow-up.

8) If you run into a challenge or have a problem during the event, speak to a staff member so we can make it right.

9) Don’t miss a single minute of the event – show up on time every time!

10) Demonstrate what a great leader you are by having a positive attitude!

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