10 Reasons to Head to Hartford


Only two days remain before the two-day Hartford TER Weekend beings and hundreds of SendOutCards family members head to the Northeast with their guests!

While we’re talking numbers, we thought we’d give you ten reasons to be in Hartford this weekend…

  1. Learn how to master your business at the SCT School
  2. Soak in the trainings from our Master Certified Trainers and Eagle Distributors
  3. Share how to earn a living through giving with your guests at the Opportunity Meeting
  4. Experience the new simplified Business Presentation LIVE for the first time ever
  5. Feel the energy of new President of Field Operations Steve Schulz as he takes the stage
  6. Discover the genius within you at the TER Seminar
  7. Capture the vision of new Vice President of Marketing Vanessa Hunter as she walk and talks with those in attendance
  8. Take part in the celebration as the Revolution Award Winner is announced
  9. Support your Senior Managers and Above when they are recognized onstage for their leadership
  10. Jump out of the nest to make it happen with founder and CEO Kody Bateman as he leads this greeting card and gift revolution in Hartford!

The last number you need to remember is ONE! Make sure you have at least ONE guest with you this weekend in Hartford and you’ll quickly understand why events drive business!

Register today!

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