Big, Huge, Momentous News!

We have hit a pivotal moment in SendOutCards history and we are elated to have you along for the ride as we launch into a new year and new era of SOC. Since Convention 2015, we have experienced exponential growth and have truly unleashed greatness with our product, technology and within our field; because of this growth we are bringing forth new product packages, bundles and digital offerings never seen before.

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The Houston Promptings Academy Session 2 Recap

palogo28129copyAnd we are back! Wow, what an incredible first session to the inaugural Promptings Academy here in Houston, Tx. Attendees experienced a powerful and emotional morning with Kody Bateman as he opened up the event sharing his heart, passion and insight into promptings. The energy carried right over into the second session with the “Magic Begins With You” music video, getting everyone up on their feet!

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The Houston Promptings Academy Session 1 Recap


As you know, there has been a lot of buzz going around about Promptings Academy ever since it was announced during our 2015 Convention. The wait is finally over because the inaugural Promptings Academy has officially begun here in Houston, Tx. There is an energy electrically flowing through the halls of Marriott as guests begin to fill the hotel all with the same thing on their mind… Promptings Academy!

Promptings Academy is all about fusing personal development  business building fundamentals and it has been a vision Kody Bateman, Founder and CEO of SendOutCards for quite some time. Personal development  is a true passion of Kody’s and he is ecstatic to share his message with the Houston Promptings Academy attendees in the most unforgettable way possible… and you too are in for a treat!

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Full Recap Of The Houston Promptings Academy!

palogo28129copyWow, Friday’s event line up was a whirlwind of excitement with a very special Executive and above meeting followed by a mini Boot Camp event. SendOutCards’ President of Field Operations Steve Schulz took charge and kicked off the weekend by introducing Dave and Lori Smith to the stage. Y’all ready for this? Continue reading

December Rank Advancements Are In!

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 2.02.10 PMWow! This was a HUGE month for SendOutCards Distributors, in fact you broke records all month-long! Congratulations to those of you who Rank Advanced in December! What an accomplishment it is to work as diligently as you have and to be able to see the fruits of your labor… you have earned this moment! We are so proud of your ability to build a strong, solid foundation to your business and as they say, “There is strength in numbers”.

The number of lives you have touched and blessed are increasing by the day and have ultimately strengthened you as a leader, your team and your ability to act on your promptings. You have made the decision to change and to allow yourself to grow and for that we are so proud of your success. November was a particularly special month for rank advancements in the field, we have had several Distributors rise up as leaders not just in the U.S but in Singapore, Australia and Canada as well. SOC nation is taking over and becoming an international success! 

Congratulations from all of us here at SendOutCards!

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