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Everything You Need To Know About The Official Launch Of Sendcere


sendcere_logo_2colorWe are about to experience the most momentous, game-changing and anticipated event in SendOutCards history, the release of our new social platform, Sendcere! We want to make sure that you are ready to go the day of the launch and can capitalize on all the fun and exciting opportunities we have lined up for you.

First things first, the Sendcere-ly Awesome Webinar has Sendcere envelopelimited seating available which means you’ll want to gather your team and register now to attend and listen to this instructive, information packed event. So how do YOU solve this problem of limited seating? With all the buzz and excitement floating around, it gives you a chance to fill up your home, by throwing your very own Sendcere Launch Party! This is the perfect opportunity to invite family, friends, distributors and customers and prospects to gather together for this once in a lifetime moment.

Whether you have 5, 10 or even 50 people at your party, you are eligible for one of our        Social Media Challenges. We will have several prizes to give away as well as many other Social Media Challenges. Be sure to stay tuned and connected to our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.


Now with all the excitement of the LIVE webinar we wanted to include some thrilling challenges for you to participate in while you are enjoying the Launch Party! Here are the details:




           Sendcere Selfie Contest: Get all of your house guests together, take a photo and post it to our Corporate Facebook page on Monday evening.

         Where’s Waldo… Sendcere Style: Throughout the night we will drip clues to you about a certain card hidden somewhere in Sendcere. The first person to find the card and post it on our Corporate Facebook page will win.

         Most popular: During the webinar we will be announcing the cards that have been shared, collected, and favorited the most on Sendcere. Their creators will win a special prize.

        SendOutCards Trivia: Stay connected to our Social Media Channels throughout the night, as we will randomly push SOC trivia to you. The first person to correctly answer the question will be our winner!

Are you ready to win? Then you know where you need to be!

We are elated to have you join Steve Schulz and Vanessa Hunter for the Official Sendcere Launch Webinar. This is the BIG unveiling of what we have all been on the edge of our seats for!


Next Monday, July 28th at 6:00 p.m. (MT) Steve Schulz and Vanessa Hunter will be hosting a Sendcere-ly Awesome Webinar. This webinar will take place during the Leadership Call time slot Monday evening. Make sure you register today if you haven’t done by clicking on the following link: Sendcere-ly Awesome Webinar Registration

Seating for this big event is limited so be sure to secure your spot and we will see you Monday, July 28th at 6:00pm (MT).

Gather your teams, prepare for the Sendcere Challenges and let’s get this party started!


“Sencere Changes Everything!”-Jordan Adler

 First Walk Through of Sendcere with Vanessa and Steve

Extra Extra! SOCStars Summer 2014 Now Available!

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 3.54.37 PMWe are pleased to announce the Summer 2014 SOCStars Magazine! VP of Marketing, Vanessa Hunter describes the cover as “full of power, strength, love and partnership.” The SOCStars is full of tributes, convention photos and recognition; this edition is now on sale!

The magazine opens up with announcing the upcoming dates to the 2014 North American Road Tour with President of Field Operations, Steve Schulz. No matter your SOC rank you will learn valuable lesson at these events. Not only are simple and effective techniques taught, it’s all about unifying the SOC message and building global organizations!

Kody’s Special Message is titled “It Takes an Evolution To Create a Revolution!         

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 10.02.59 AMWe have a major announcement for the field! Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 3.58.43 PMWe welcome and congratulate Callie Shields as our latest Distributor to achieve the rank of Executive! Callie shares her heart and passion stating, “I knew in my heart that SendOutCards was the answer to the question of how I would get control of my life. Hands down, it’s the smartest business decision I’ve ever made”. Read all about how Callie knew this was the answer to her prayers and how determined she is was to finding balance to her life.

We introduce to you our Brand New Eagle’s Nest Members! This group is compiled of the finest Distributors in the field who have the BDABB message in their minds and changing live one cards, one gift and one opportunity at a time in their hearts. Welcome aboard to the Nest and we thank you for all you do and contribute to SendOutCards!

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 4.00.01 PMAre you looking for the absolute best recap of the Revolution Convention!? Here it is! Check out all the amazing award winners such as Dave and Lori Smith, featured on the cover as Distributors of the year! The stunning photos from the award gala, VIP event, Superhero closing party and SOC Corporate Employee Awards. As we look back on these life changing moments and bonding memories, we also have in sight our upcoming 2015 Convention!

Enjoy many other “Game Changing” articles, updates and recaps in this edition of SOCStars!  The magazine is now available to send with a card and can be found under Business Building Tools in the Gift Shop.

Treat’Em Right Session 2

bannerAnd we are back! Lunch was a hit with our Eagles Nest members, Executives and above as they dined together in unity, signifying strength in relationships as tight-knit leaders. Kody began the session by taking us on a journey back in time when he was a young man, watching his older brother Kris attained his Eagle Scout award. Becoming an Eagle Scout is the highest level to achieve as a boy scout and as Kody watched his brother achieve that goal he knew one day he would do the same. The day Kody achieved his goal, his brother Kris was waiting to welcome him into the Eagles Nest; arms open and full of love. Kody’s brother Kris is the reason why Kody has brought SendOutCards to all of us and to the world. Kris Bateman is an honorary member of the Eagles Nest and to bring that presence of strength forthright, his memory will live on and his legacy will not be forgotten.

eaglesWe were all honored and graced with the recognition of the current standing Eagles, Senior Executives, Executives, Senior Managers. The new members of the Eagles Nest were also recognized.rec5 One award that the audience was eager to hear was the first winner of the The Magic Begins With You Award – Detroit. The first recipient of the The Magic Begins with You Award is a one of a kind distributor. This person has been described in their nominations from their fellow distributors as… “Taking amazing care of people by sending cards, leading groups that continue to expand their network of people, they introduce people to the opportunity of SOC and learn the winnersystem. They make an effort to attend events and bring many guests. They are committed and dedicated to achieving their goal of Sr. Manager. Congratulations to our first, The Magic Begins with You Award recipient…. Micheline Paquette. 

steve and vanessaVP of Marketing, Vanessa Hunter and President of Field Operations, Steve Schulz brought the energy on stage as they walked us through a live
presentation of the new Sendcere App coming soon! “It is easy and simple and quick, this changes everything for you!” We can’t wait for you all to experience this new Sendsation!  Steve and Vanessa Announced the latest edition of SOCStars featuring Senior Executives Dave and Lori Smith as Distributors of the year on the front cover. Vanessa describes the cover as “full of power, strength, love and partnership.” The SOCStars is full of tributes, convention photos and recognition; this edition goes on sale this Tuesday! Also featured was the new Fast Start Guide, now available to order and to view in a digital version online. The Fast Start Guide teaches you everything you know about leveraging the power of the product.

Want to become a Social Media Expert? With Sendcere you will be! Kody knows and believes that this is the “GAME CHANGER” for SendOutCards Distributors. There are so many new things coming down the pipeline that will help you with your business. SendOutCards is making it easier and easier for you to market who you are and what we do! “As everything changes I need you to be focused, engaged and to take advangtage of this opportunity”. Kody Bateman
tennisThe heart of the Tennis Ball story stems from the memories of Kody’s beloved dog, Gus. He retells the moment he shared with Gus when throwing a tennis ball out into the yard as Gus chased after it. Soon after playing, the tennis ball had become dirty and grimy, yet Gus didn’t care. When Kody threw a new, clean shiny ball out into the yard Gus ran after it but didn’t know what to do as he was still holding the old tennis ball in his mouth and the game was now suddenly over. The moral of this story is letting go of the past in order to move forward in your future.

tennis 2I AM statements are a staple in SendOutCards. “The stories of your mind become the stories of your life.” as Kody famously says. When you create your I AM statements and begin living them in your day-to-day life, you create positive direction in your life.  These statements are accomplished by diminishing negativity and empowering the positivity in your life.

Top Earner and Eagle, Jordan Adler was on fire as he hit the stage this afternoon. jordanHe expressed his excitement about the coming technology advances SendOutCards is releasing. Jordan believes that we now have the reach, way beyond ourself, and the major marketing power to take our message and product globally. “We are creating the future”, boasts Jordan “When you marry Network Marketing and Social Media, you are leveraging “leverage”, it’s the perfect combination for a chemical reaction!”

“Live an attitude of abundance, I believe in a world where we can all live at our highest level of abundance. It’s not arrogance it’s confidence. If I want to be great i have to celebrate the greatness in you!” Kody Bateman

Detroit Treat’Em Right is Live!

WOW! The energy is high and you can feel the anticipation in the air for today’s Treat’ em Right Seminar, happening right now in Detroit! As registration began there was a flood of excited distributors lining the halls, ready and waiting to get in to the room. Friends were reuniting,couple new friends being made and smiles all around. The Treat’ em Right is off to a great start, and as we opened the doors to the meeting the distributors were racing to get their seats, knowing they were in store for a powerful day and exclusive training moments.

room shot 2room shot








Founder and CEO, Kody Bateman started the morning out, pumping up the energy by sharing his story of spending time on McCabe Avenue as a young man. Kody expressed his love for the streets and for music, during his opening speech he stated “Rhythm, it was all about the rhythm and it’s so important to find the rhythm in your life, I was able to find my own.” He then, as he calls it, “dropped a beat” and treated us to his very first rap he ever created.


Kody’s message to all ” We accept people of all kind, we take you as you are, just come on in. kody 2What you put in to this business is exactly what you get out of this business.” SendOutCards is moving onward and upward, making and changing lives around the world. SendOutCards is a way to take a piece of yourself and give it to the world.


 We all know the highest rank a distributor can achieve is an Eagle. But what does it take to become one, and what are the key attributes an Eagle has? Eagles don’t flap their wings, they soar majestically at the highest heights possible, strategically with little to no effort. They stay laser focused on their goals and they are hunters. Unlike Eagle’s, chickens are the lowest flying bird at just a mere 3 feet off the ground, expending all their energy but not getting anywhere remarkable. Crows however, can fly high but they are the biggest enemy of the Eagle because they spend all their time chasing the Eagle, squawking and creating noise. The Eagle gives no attention to the crow and continues to fly higher and higher, effortlessly leaving the crow in the dust.


Rise above the noise. 87% of what we hear is negative and we need to commit ourselves to being apart of the 13% club.

Lori Smith and Bob Golden joined one another on stage to express what it’s like to live like an Eagle. To them here is what it means to be an Eagle:

bob and lori“Doubt will kill more dreams than failure ever will.” 

Opening your heart allows for others to do the same. Lori and Bob shared their own personal cards they have given to others expressing, “We are in the business of making someone feel better, there is only one purpose to life and that is to make someones life better.” Everything we do is built on relationships and what a better way to build and nurture a relationship then acting on your promptings to reach out to others.

“Why wait to celebrate someone at a funeral, when we can celebrate their life while they are living.”

Jerry Gadette, an Executive Distributor, owns a large insurance agency and when he realized the amount of clientsJerry he was obtaining, he wanted to send a subtle message to them that expressed his gratitude and thanks for being a customer of his. His agency implemented “Brownie Mondays”, where he would send out brownies to customers simply thanking them for their business and nothing else. “We treat people well, we don’t ask them for additional business but we let them know how grateful we are for their current business.”

Kody closed out the morning session with this repeated statement, “The story of your mind becomes the story of your life.” As we broke for lunch an exclusive invitation was given to the Eagle’s Nest members as well as the Executives and above to join one another in a private, plated lunch. This gave them special time to engage one another and to continue building bonds as leaders of SendOutCards.

Stay tuned for more updates coming to you this afternoon!

Simple Success System

Fast Start Guide

Exciting Announcement! The new version of the Fast Start Guide is officially up on the site and is available to order now. You may view a digital version of the document from the Downloads section of the website. To work in conjunction with this training tool, we have also launched correlating training videos and a Compensation Plan Webinar, all featuring President of Field Operations Steve Schulz. 

Here is a link to the digital form of the Fast Start Guide:

The following videos are hosted by the President of Field Operations, Steve Schulz.