New Year’s SOCsolutions!


Approach the New Year with resolve, to find the opportunities hidden in each new day.”- Michael Josephson 

A new year comes with new promptings, new opportunities and a newfound perspective on the year past. We believe 2015 is going to be our most incredible year yet. Here at SendOutCards, as we enter into the New Year we reflect on our past year as a company. 2014 was a BIG year for SendOutCards with technological advancements, new tools, training, the release of Sendcere and the introduction of Social Sendcere. As we reflect on the amazing memories of 2014, we fully commit to making 2015 even bigger, better, stronger and faster.

Goals are a means of motivating yourself to create a satisfying and self-fulfilling life.  Psychologists tell us that people who make consistent progress toward meaningful goals, lead happier, more satisfying lives. But don’t just follow the crowd and set goals because everyone else is doing it. Set goals because you really understand how your life will improve if you do so!

As part of our reflection and new commitment for 2015 we challenge each one of you to join us in our New Year’s SOCsolutions. Studies have shown those who openly discuss and share their goals with others are far more likely to succeed, and that is exactly what we want for you… to succeed! 

Read all about our New Year’s challenge, hear from Vanessa Hunter and see what’s in store for SendOutCards in 2015!

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Send An Inspired New Year’s Greeting This Year!


The New Year is approaching quickly  and with that, a new opportunity for new goals, new challenges and changes for a prosperous new year. Many people send out Holiday cards with warm seasonal greetings to those they love during the season but how about sending a New Year’s message that is inspiring, meaningful and full of wonder. It has been said, wishing someone well at the start of a new year can bring that person good luck, fortune and inspire a prosperous path.

Sharing a New Year’s sentiment with a loved one, friend or even a business partner or acquaintance can sometimes be tricky and finding the right words to express can be hard to find. There are many ways to wish great health, love and success to make your card more personal and here are some ideas to help inspire your New Year’s message to share with those you love. Continue reading

Holiday Card Contest Winners!


The holidays are a time full of cheer, a time to express your love, share kindness and a time to dream big. This holiday season we gave the field the opportunity to do all four of these things with our two holiday Sendcere card contests. These two contests began on December 3rd and ended on December 17th and we are so excited to announce the winners.

We had such an overwhelming response to these two card contests, it was very special to see how much time and effort went into these cards and how many of you spent time helping others in need. We loved seeing your creativity as you decorated your Christmas tree cards and showed your true individuality.

Collectively as a team we sat together and read through each of the Angel cards so we could all hear the amazing acts of kindness you performed. We are in awe over your selfless acts and are proud of each one of you. Your random acts of kindness have the power to change lives and we know through your thoughtfulness you impacted many.

There were so many fantastic submissions we couldn’t pick just one so we have selected the following winners for our Christmas Tree Decorating Card Contest.

Our Grand Prize Winner for the Christmas Tree Card Contest Is…

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SOCial Insider: Maximize Social Sendcere With Mobile!

Social Insider long logo

The new Social Sendcere social platform is proving to be a fantastic business builder for many of our Distributors! By utilizing this tool you are successfully building a community on your Social Sendcere Facebook page, you are also building an audience and an online conversation. There are so many tips, tricks and even business specific tools within the Social Sendcere platform for you to utilize to enhance your generation of leads. The Facebook page you are growing is a great place to nurture soft and warm leads. It allows you to connect, build relationships and educate others about the SendOutCards opportunity.

Are you utilizing all of the tools that your Social Sendcere subscription gives you access to? How about the biggest lead generating tool Social Sendcere has to offer?

Did you know that there are lead generating mobile tools available for you to use? These mobile-based tools are there for you to generate hard leads, ones that are ready and interested to learn more from you. These are the leads that will ultimately lead to sales, which is exactly what you want! Here are a few helpful tips to get you utilizing the mobile tools quickly and successfully, so you are ready and prepared to share the SendOutCards mission on the go!

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14 Recent Changes To Major Social Media Platforms

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 11.39.09 AM

As you know social media is constantly changing with new and improved apps, site functions, cross marketing abilities and so much more! If you don’t stay on top of the social trends and know the ins and outs that can potentially strengthen your marketing strategy, you’ll find that you can fall behind quickly. 

There’s always something new to learn, study or experiment within social media, and even the biggest social media networks aren’t exempt from this rule. 

So let’s take a look at a fantastic article featured on BufferApp that dives into the most recent changes to the most popular social media platforms. Here are 14 of the most recent changes to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram that social media marketers can benefit from.

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