A Special Custom Branding Feature On Dot Richards!


Our Custom Branding Package has only been on the market for just a few months and it hasn’t just made a splash it has created a WAVE of excitement! Upon announcing the new ability to brand the back of your cards we introduced a 72 hour special; purchase the Custom Branding Package and be entered to win a free custom designed logo and brand to utilize with your cards.

There was an outpouring of excitement as the package went live and with the added incentive, it was a mad dash to be entered to win our most custom prize ever!

Selected at random, a total of five winners were chosen to engage in the opportunity to work one-on-one with our own Creative Director, Ryan Tranmer, to discover and create their very own personal and professional brand. Continue reading

Custom Branding Package 5 Touch Campaign!


94266229_When it comes down to building relationships and reaching out to customers, clients or prospects 80 percent of your touches should be about relationships and 20 percent of your touches should be about marketing and promotion.

Utilizing a card campaign to connect, promote and build relationships has been proven to be the most rewarding process. The result of that effort is dramatically enhanced client/customer relationships and a highly effective marketing effort that spells profits for business.

With SendOutCards’ latest offering, The Custom Branding Package, you can now optimize your relationship building and promotional real estate on the back of your greeting cards. The Custom Branding Package offers full control for any business and or person to represent their brand in a unique and custom manner. Continue reading

The Big Day is HERE!

The time has come, the moment you’ve all been waiting for; the most anticipated launch in SendOutCards history!

We are incredibly proud to introduce to you, the latest in SendOutCards’ tech development, a stellar Relationship Marketing product and a shiny new asset to add to your SendOutCards business tool belt, the Custom Brand Manager.

SendOutCards is all about customization. We have taken the ability to make your greeting cards unique to a whole new and very exciting level. We know there is no better way to make yourself known, stand out in a crowd and create your mark as a brand than with complete creative control over your marketing and relationship building tools known as greeting cards.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 9.57.59 AM

Is this for business or personal use? 

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Greetings! SOC Monthly Newsletter

We are so excited to announce the official launch of our Greetings! SOC monthly newsletter! This newsletter is designed and tailored for SendOutCards’ customer needs, to inspire, educate, and create a long lasting bond with those we consider to be family, friends and of course, valued customers! The Greetings! newsletter is sent out on the first Tuesday of each month to both Distributors and Customers. If you would like to subscribe to receive our monthly Greetings! simply click here and sign up!

Now we present to you, the first edition of the SOC monthly newsletter, Greetings!

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And The Winners Are!


It all began on March 1st, 2015 when the world received its first glimpse in to the SendOutCards Get Lucky promotion.

With the imaginative tune setting the scene, viewers were transcended through time to a magical, yet familiar moment occurring at the SendOutCards office.

Come with me and you'll be In a world of

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