Big Announcements You Don’t Want To Miss!

We aren’t just sharing the news here in Vancouver during this weekend’s Boot Camp event; we are sharing it with the world… right… now!

As you know we’ve gone totally mobile with our iOS app and we’ve been taking the world by storm by sending to give and spreading kindness on the go! Now for some time our Android users have been feeling a little left out on the “mobile train”, but there’s no need to fret. As many of you know, during our annual convention this past September, we officially announced we had an Android app in beta.

You’re the first to hear the big news, the SendOutCards Android app is out of beta and in full functioning, public-use mode! You read that right… We are officially live in the Google Play Store!

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August Rank Advancements!

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 2.02.10 PMWow! This was a HUGE month for SendOutCards Distributors, in fact you broke records all month-long! Congratulations to those of you who Rank Advanced in August! What an accomplishment it is to work as diligently as you have and to be able to see the fruits of your labor… you have earned this moment! We are so proud of your ability to build a strong, solid foundation to your business and as they say, “There is strength in numbers”.

The number of lives you have touched and blessed are increasing by the day and have ultimately strengthened you as a leader, your team and your ability to act on your promptings. You have made the decision to change and to allow yourself to grow and for that we are so proud of your success. February was a particularly special month for rank advancements in the field, we have had several Distributors rise up as leaders not just in the U.S but in Singapore and Canada as well. SOC nation is taking over and becoming an international success! 

Congratulations from all of us here at SendOutCards!

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The Magic Begins With You Convention Day 4


What an incredibly magical week it has been here at the Disneyland Hotel! The last general session of the Magic Begins With You Convention took place on Saturday and it was certainly one for the books!

Dot Biz, Double R and Celeste opened with a live performance of “The Magic Begins With You”, giving everyone goose bumps and setting the tone for what would be an amazing day! Continue reading

The Magic Begins With You Convention Day 3


One word… unbelievable!

Today marked the first day of general sessions for The Magic Begins With You Convention, and one single word sums it up completely! Unbelievable! This morning was a complete show stopper as there was no holding back during this incredible magic production. Just like Kody stated during the Boot Camp event, “We don’t save the good things for last, we save the good things for the first!”. Kody certainly kept to his word and set the tone for the entire event by not only introducing the Eagles, the brand new Executives, Steve and Vanessa, but also by showcasing his latest single, the theme song for Convention, The Magic Begins With You.

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