Element Category Changes

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 3.42.06 PMIf you hadn’t noticed already, we began introducing New Card Categories for the Elements section this morning. We know some of you have been asking us to alphabetize these categories for years. Accordingly, we’d like to say a sincere and heartfelt thank you to everyone for your patience with us as we’ve worked on this enormous project! We did a total overhaul on the categories and the way the Elements in each category are organized. Read more below!

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New Wedding Gifts Available Now!

Key to Happy Marriage  943Love is a beautiful thing. There aren’t very many things that can compare to the sheer magic of two people coming together and promising one another a lifetime of everlasting love and friendship. Help celebrate this special union with one of our beautiful new wedding gifts. From the sweet Wedding Time Capsule to the lighthearted Getting to Know You Game, there’s something for all couples out there. See the new gifts below and then head over to the Gift Shop to start celebrating love today!

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Kody Bateman: The Simple Success System


You have heard me say, many times, to get really good at using the tools. If you do this, the Simple Success System will be an autopilot system for you. It really is that simple.

It all starts with your personal webpage found at www.sendoutcards.com/youridnumber. The tools we refer to are all conveniently driven from this page.

This is what I consider to be the ideal way to use this page. Read more below.

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Kody Bateman: Let Me Share Some Big Picture Vision

1960929_10152226694825874_1250678263_oThe purpose of the Simple Success System and the Splash Pack program is to leverage the power of our product. We are revolutionizing the way people purchase greeting cards and gifts.

As Monica Ramanathon reminded us in her post, we believe we can put on a million users this year. We want to create millions of raving fans of our amazing product. This means opportunity for all of you. Millions of users means big residual commissions for those who are building with our Simple Success System. Allow me to share some exciting numbers.

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